Dimitar Chakarov

Me vs. Coffee

May 23, 2019 | 1 Minute Read

From the moment the first thought about coffee appeared in my mind I knew the battle was lost. It didn’t matter that it was night time. It didn’t matter that I had had four cups of coffee at work already. It didn’t matter that I had promised myself I wouldn’t drink coffee after 5pm. Nothing mattered. My mind embraced the thought and started fighting for it. Seemingly random thoughts started appearing in my head.

“I might be able to more easily go to the toilet if I have another coffee.”

“The coffee at work is not as tasty.”

“Not all four coffees were full cups.”

“The coffee is warm and my throat needs something warm.”

“I wanna eat that pear and you know what goes well with pears.”

“I want to write some more but I am feeling sleepy.”

All these, and a few more, were randomly scattered in-between my normal thoughts. At first I didn’t even notice them. I caught myself cleaning the coffee machine. I stepped back. My mind was bullshitting me “I have to prepare it for tomorrow morning.” Yeah, right. I got myself a glass of water. I sat down at my desk. I opened Netflix. A few minutes in, I felt a sudden urge to eat something. I wandered into the kitchen, turned on the coffee machine and got myself a pack of crisps. I got back to my desk and resumed the movie. The lady on the screen was just waking up. Her friend turned to her. “Coffee,” she asked. “Sure.” I stood up. I needed to go to the toilet. On my way I pressed the button. Bean-to-cup. Magic. I took the steaming cup of coffee on my way back. I sat down, pressed resume and had a sip.

“Damn it!” I whispered. “You win, brain. You win.”