Dimitar Chakarov

Preparing for Advent of Code

November 30, 2021 | 0 Minute Read

I get an advent calendar every year and I do enjoy opening those tiny chocolates, but that’s nothing compared to revealing the next challenge in Advent of Code - my favourite developer event of the year.

Each year we try to save Christmas by solving programming challenges (apart from last year when we were instead trying to save our vacation). It is a very nicely organised competition happening at https://adventofcode.com/.

Last year I was creating a new Xcode project for each task. With 25 days of challenges that can get tedious. This year I decided to prepare a bit and created a GitHub template repo with basic parsing and regex support (using the framework I created last year after the event).

If you are using Swift check out the template here. Feel free to raise a PR or an issue if you want to contribute.

Happy coding :)